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9 Tips for Visiting Las Vegas

Have you ever been to Las Vegas?? If you haven’t, you must go because it’s incredible and an experience you won’t forget!
We went for the first time a couple years ago for my golden birthday and our 2 year anniversary and had an amazing time. BUT, we learned so much of what not to do and what to prepare for when we go next time! Read below for my 10 tips to help you out on your visit to The Entertainment Capital of the World.

Tip #1 : Say yes to being part of the show

We went to see Blue Man Group (eek!) and they put on such an incredible show! When we walked in to take our seats, we were asked by one the employees if we wanted to be part of the show, though we didn’t get much details beyond that. I was hesitant but Nate was all for it so we agreed. About 30 minutes in, they came and grabbed us where they put us way in the back, and gave us much better seats closer to the stage. We were pretending to be ‘late’ to the show so everyone could boo us but we got spotlighted and all these ridiculous alarms went off-it was really fun and I’m glad we got to be part of the experience!

Tip #2: Rent a car only to explore outside the city

If you plan on leaving the strip for a day or even two, then definitely arrange a rental car to head outta town. But, if you’re wanting to stay put right on the strip for the duration of your trip then Uber, Monorail, or walking is the way to go. The strip is very long and high traffic so you’ll be waiting at light after light forever to get to your destination.

Tip #3: Your excursion out of town will likely be packed with people

We went to Zion National Park for a day and it was so busy with people. Of course, all the national parks that are a day’s drive from Las Vegas are all the really popular ones whether you’re going to Arizona, California, or Utah to hit up a park. Just don’t be disappointed if your intention was to get away from the crowds in Vegas only to run into more large groups of people again.

Tip #4: Expect to shell out the big bucks

Las Vegas is so not a budget destination in the US. Expect to pay top dollar for all that you do. I’m not saying that all that you’ll see and do isn’t worth the money you’ll be spending, just don’t fret about the cash you’re dropping. It’s wise to cap your spending at some amount, of course, but I would say focus more on having a good time.

Tip #5: Huge Crowds

As I mentioned in #3 above, there are huge crowds all over the strip. We traveled here in October which is considered the shoulder season and STILL there were so many people everywhere you went. This didn’t bother us, but if you’re someone who simply can’t stand the crowds then I would say visit during a very slow month.

Tip #6: Bring cash with you

This is a good rule of thumb for traveling anywhere, but I specifically remember in Vegas always needing more cash than we had on hand at some places we went.

Tip #7: Wear comfortable shoes

I know literally everyone and your grandma will warn you of this before visiting Las Vegas, but wear comfortable shoes!! I mean it! And I don’t mean sandals, either. Bring some sort of tinnie shoe to wear for walking up and down the strip, or your feet will pay the price.

Tip #8: Don’t be coerced into paying a higher tip amount than your comfy with

Some of the employees who make their living off tips may try to persuade you into paying a higher gratuity amount than necessary. Don’t give in to them! Simply say no and walk away. It’ll put a bad taste in your mouth if you succumb, plus you’ll already be dropping a lot of dough on this vacation as it is. Stick to what you think is fair for a tip and leave it at that.

Tip #9: Try not to be offended by what you see on the strip

While visiting Las Vegas, you’ll see everything from little to no clothing donning some people, to homeless people going through withdrawals, and even shocking public performances, as well as advertisements for female company. Hey, it’s Vegas baby, so try not to let any of those things take away from enjoying yourself while you’re here.


I hope this list helps you when planning your trip to Las Vegas! We had such an incredible time here, we can’t wait to go again soon with all that we learned from our first visit.


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