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A Kentucky Road Trip

We visited Kentucky in the fall and it was beautiful!
The temperature was just right and all the touristy activities weren’t crowded. We drove down from Milwaukee and spent a couple days visiting different places. Keep reading to find out what all we did and saw!

We decided to go on the popular bourbon trail and hit up a few distilleries in the state.Our first stop was Four Roses Distillery. Naturally we did a tour and the samples were superb!

Four Roses Distillery, Bourbon Trail, Kentucky
“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

For our next stop, we visited Wild Turkey distillery, which is a personal favorite whiskey of mine. Their main building is gorgeous but they also take you out to other buildings on their tour in a bus so you get to see the whole property.

Wild Turkey Distillery, Bourbon Trail, Kentucky
Gobble, gobble!

This was our third (and final stop for the day and distillery-wise) stop and it was completely free to get into and to go on a tour cha-ching! This distillery has a lot of history to it and I remember them giving out hella samples as well.

Buffalo Trace Distillery, Kentucky
Nate and I at Buffalo Trace

Oh you KNOW we aren’t going to go on a vacation without visiting a national park! We loveeee visiting parks when we can. We got a campsite here (bring extra quarters for the showers!), and the next day got up to go on a cave tour. A huge heads up tip is to wear warmer clothing when you go on a cave tour, even if it’s balmy outside. We looked like complete idiots rolling up with our shorts and t-shirts while everyone else had jackets and sweats on. Anywhooo! The caves are huge with tall ceilings and wide halls in most areas but there are some spots you have to squeeze through and crouch down. In other areas there are stairs and steps-it was wild y’all!

Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky
Freezing our asses off in the cave


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