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All the Amazing Things to Do In and Around Devil’s Lake State Park

Wisconsin is known for some awesome and legit state parks but Devil’s Lake is at the top of most Wisconsinites’ lists.
There is so much to do here and in the area for people of all ages. The biggest attraction being in it’s name-the lake. It’s a perfect swimming lake as no motors are allowed on the water. My fiance’s family comes here every summer and has for many years, staying here a few days at a time making a mini vacay out of it. See below for all the adventures you can get into at Devil’s Lake!

Rock Jumping

There’s a perfect-for-jumping-off-and-having-a-mini-heart-attack rock located on the West Bluff. You’ll see kids, teenagers, and adults jumping off this thing right into the lake. It’s a little scary but after you jump, your fear grows so much you think you’ll lose your shit, and you hit the refreshing water.

Devil's Lake, Wisconsin
Jesus take the wheel


As mentioned earlier, Devil’s Lake is a great lake to swim in. It’s shallow in a lot of spots so it’s not very cold and the water is also really clear in most areas. You don’t have to worry about any boaters or motor oil as motors are not allowed in this lake. Maybe a fishing lure but no boats…Some people even use the lake for exercise and do laps from the north shore to the south shore.


The lake is so serene and calm it’s also perfect for taking out a kayak or canoe. The sunsets here are so beautiful, take the ‘yak out and paddle into the middle of the lake to catch the rays.

Find Devil’s Doorway

Hiking at this park is probably the best year-round activity to do. You’ll really get a workout in no matter what trail you take. There are rock formations in some areas and my favorite is Devil’s Doorway. There is a trail called as such on the map. You will be close to the edge so walk carefully!

Devil's Lake, Wisconsin
Every single one of us, the devil insideeee

Find Elephant Rock

Another Rock Formation on the East Bluff is called Elephant’s Rock. It looks like a, uh, big rock elephant. Take that creative writing!

Find Balanced Rock

Balanced Rock (East Bluff, too) is large at the top and thins out more toward the bottom so that it looks like a rock balancing on a base.

Climb a Rock Hill

You will find these on the West Bluff, but I prefer the ones by the South Beach. It’s basically a wall of light gray rocks ranging from small to gigantic and you can go up real high or stay lower to the ground, whatever your rock-loving heart desires.

West Bluff, Devil's Lake, Wisconsin
Amongst the boulders is where I’m happiest at DLSP

Chill at the Beach

There are two beaches at DLSP-North Beach and South Beach. South Beach is smaller , whereas the North Beach is much larger, with a concession area, bike rack, canoe launch, doggy beach, etc. It’s a great place to relax, dip into the lake, or play some frisbee.

Sauk County Fair

This fair usually rolls into town the same time of year we are visiting the park. it’s a fun little fair-not too crowded but with all the activities we all love at the fair!

Take a Photo by the Sign

Find the Devil’s Lake State Park sign at the entrance of the park for sweet pic!

Devil's Lake, Wisconsin

Go Fishing

Grab your poles and lures and find a spot that calls to you for some peaceful fishing.

Fishing at Devil's Lake, Wisconsin
If only this were catfish 😦

Find the Big Chair

Just a little ways outside the park is an over-sized, purple chair perfect for a photo-op.

Big Chair, Devil's Lake, Wisconsin
Oversized chair FTW

Find the ‘Pig’ Car

Next to the oversized purple chair is a VW Bug dressed up like a pig. I mean it, ears and all.

'Pig' Car, Devil's Lake, Wisconsin
Oink 1

Nature Center

Ok, so it may sound lame, but it’s actually a cool little spot. They’ve got stuffed wild animals as well as live ones in terrariums and small cages. They have info on the park, it’s history, and the species that live there-go check it out!

Parfrey’s Glen

This is the BEST little hidden gem in the Baraboo area. It’s in Merrimac, WI so load up the car and head just down the road. It’s a little oasis of a hiking spot with big mossy trees and rocks with little streams running to and fro. It’s truly awesome, beautiful, and perfect for those who have wanderlust seeping from their pores like I do day in and day out.

Parfrey's Glen, Devil's Lake, Wisconsin
This photo just doesn’t do this place justice!


Caution-uber scary! With all the huge rocks everywhere, it’s common to see people rock climbing or rappelling at DLSP. The big difference between the two is with rock climbing you go up, and rappelling you go down. I’d much rather lessen the space between me and the ground rather than increase it, thank you. That first step off the comforting rock is hard, but after that you’re just sliding down the rope and it’s a lot of fun!

Rappelling, Devil's Lake, Wisconsin
The outdoorsy type

I know I threw a lot at you but there’s just so much to explore in this area! It’s a great summer destination with all kinds of stuff to do, you could easily spend a week here and never get bored with all the adventures DLSP has to offer.


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