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Nashville: What to See, What to Do

This Thanksgiving week, we headed down south yet again to visit Nashville, TN for the first time.
I have to admit it wasn’t high on my list to visit, but I liked this city more than I thought I would! There was actually a lot of cool stuff to see and do. Check out what all we got into:

This place was a little pricey to get in but SO worth it! They had all kinds of history to check out in this place, from gold records, to famous outfits stars wore on stage, and even Elvis’s huge cars!

Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, Tennessee
It feels so wrong not to be wearing cowboy boots rn

Another awesome spot to hit up in Nashville. No cars are allowed on this massive bridge so there’s just hella pedestrians (get it) walking around enjoying the beautiful scenery of downtown and the Cumberland River.

Nashville, Tennessee
Somewhere over the JS Pedestrian Bridge

Find all the Murals

Ok so we didn’t find them all but we found a good number of them. There are some in every neighborhood you go to pretty much so it won’t be hard to stumble upon one!

Murals, Nashville, Tennessee
They misspelled ‘Ashley’ wrong

Hit up Broadway

What’s a trip to Nashville without hitting up the bars?! This street of honky tonky bars had a big ‘Las Vegas’ vibe to it, hence the name ‘Nashvegas’. There’s no cover anywhere but it stays quite packed and busy. There’s so much action everywhere you look; it’s like a huge block party right in downtown Nashville!

Broadway, Nashville Tennessee
had to get a quick pic with Alan

This is nestled right in downtown Nashville and is made up of large, multi colored sticks in a big patch of grass. It’s unique and worthy of your awe.

Stix Sculpture, Nashville, Tennessee
56 pick up sticks

Snag Some Grub at a Food Truck

Nashville had so many trucks to choose from it was hard to decide! Just pick one and experience it, man.

I dream of weenie, Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is a pretty sweet city to hit up. Whether you’re passing through or plan on staying there for a few days, add it to the ole travel bucket list. I know you’ve got one!


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