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M E M P H I S- what to see and do and eat.
Ah, Memphis. The home of my favorite rap group Three 6 Mafia and the destination for my first plane ride ever! I have been here a couple of times-once in 2011 and again with my fiance in 2017. I’m sure you’ve heard that Memphis is dangerous, but like with anywhere else in the world, use common sense and you should be fine. Don’t let what you read in the paper scare you from visiting this awesome city.


This is definitely more of an off-the-beaten-path activity in Memphis. I’d even bet most locals have never heard of it or stopped by this place. This is on the grounds of Memorial Park Funeral Home. It was completely desolate when we went so we had the whole place to ourselves. You can walk around outside of the grotto as well and take in the pretty landscaping. It was super cool and we didn’t feel like we were in Memphis at all!


This is shaped like a pyramid (get it, Egypt) and you can ride an elevator all the way to the tippity top and walk out onto the huge balcony and gaze out at the Mississippi River. It’s scary but beautiful! The shop is huge with so many cool things to look at, you could spend a couple of hours here easily.


It’s the King’s house y’all. Yup, you can stroll around Elvis Presley’s entire property -and his planes- for a nominal fee. All the decor and furniture were left the way he had it when he died so it’s like walking through a time machine. It’s super sweet and you get to learn a lot about this superstar who died before his time.


It’s the zoo. Ya know, animals <3.

Head down to the Peabody Hotel and watch the little ducks waddle around the hotel lobby and plop into the fountain. It is so. stinkin. cute! While you’re there, wander around the beautiful and classic hotel. It will feel like going back in time with throwback, elegant touches here and there.




This is a dying chain so please eat this delicious fro-yo before you won’t ever get the chance again. It’s also more popular in the southern states so if you’re not from the area that is probably why you have never heard of it. My favorite is Rainbow Cream yum!


Another restaurant that isn’t everywhere in America, but it should be! This is a fast food joint but the burgers are from outta this world. When I lived in the south, I used to love me some BYB.

I don’t care what restaurant you go to for this– just do it!

The meal I’m referring to is deep-fried catfish. You can’t visit the south without consuming something battered and fried and I say catfish is it!


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