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What to do in Door County, WI

I have lived in Wisconsin for 6 years now and I finally made a trip to Door County! And it was glorious!
Door County is the tip of the peninsula of the state on the upper eastern side. You truly feel like you’re in a different area than the midwest when visiting here. It definitely gives off a Cape Cod/Northern California vibe. There are tons of stuff to see, do, and eat there but here’s what we managed to cram into a weekend getaway.

Eat Breakfast at Rusty Tractor

Start your day off right with some delicious breakfast!

This is one of a few state parks in the peninsula but I’ve been eyeing it for a while now so we picked this one. It was awesome! It’s filled with miles of bike trails and hiking trails right along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Door County, Wisconsin, Sunset Trail
Biking the Sunset Trail

There are of course several shops in each little town but we stopped here to snag some cherry salsa (yep!) for a friend and found all sorts of cool homemade stuff here! They’ve got everything from jams & jellies and hot sauces, to patio furniture & other kinds of Door County gifts and trinkets.

Have Lunch at Wild Tomato

If y’all didn’t already know, pizza is my number one favorite food in this whole world. So, of course I’m going to try the local ‘za in Door County and it was top notch!

Chase the Lighthouses

There’s like a billion lighthouses in Door County! Ok, maybe not quite that many but you could spend the whole day or even weekend chasing them all. There’s one we found in Peninsula State Park called Eagle Bluff Lighthouse and we also found three others in one little spot in Sturgeon Bay. The one pictured below is called Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Lighttower, so just look that one up and it will wake you to the spot! Does visiting lighthouses put your soul at ease like it does mine?

Door County, Wisconsin, Lighthouse
Lighthouse vibes

Get Day Tipsy at a Winery (or two)

We visited Harbor Ridge Winery as well as Stone’s Throw Winery but there are several others to choose from all offering about the same: tours, tastings, and merchandise. Be sure to grab a bottle of Carmen’s Last Dance at Harbor Ridge, it’s oh-so-tasty!

Door County, Wisconsin, Wine Country
Wine Country

Walk along the Pier at Fish Creek

Head out to the harbor of Lake Michigan and walk along side all the fancy schmancy yachts & boats. It’s very picturesque!

Door County, Wisconsin, Fish Creek Pier
ooh, ahh

Find a Mural

We found ours at a place you wouldn’t expect…a gas station in Sturgeon Bay!

Door County, Wisconsin, Murals
Gas station finds

I had such a great time visiting Door County and I can’t wait to go back! There is so much more to do there apart from what I have listed, but this should get you started-have fun!


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