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What to do in Miami

For my 30th birthday, it was my heart’s desire to visit Miami for the first time.
This was also my first time ever to visit the state of Florida. It was an awesome trip! we spent three whole days in this southern FL paradise and here’s all the fun things we got into:

#1: Miami Beach

We hit the beach our first day there and it was amazing. The water was a pretty turquoise and a decent temp in mid October. We started on Miami Beach which you could say is the ‘mid beach’. You can walk along the shore line either way to hit both North and South Beaches.

Miami Beach, Miami, Florida
Miami Mami

#2: Visit the Everglades

If you head south from Miami, you’ll hit Everglades National Park in about 30 minutes. We stopped at Gator Park to take an airboat ride in the Everglades and it was awesome! The boat glides so fast on the water in every which way. We got to see wildlife and, yep, even an alligator!

Everglades, Miami, Florida
No touchey

This is a cool spot in the Coconut Grove neighborhood. It’s a pretty little oasis on several acres of land. You can tour all the property including the house, grounds, and boathouse.

Barnacle Historic State Park, Miami, Florida
IDC how basic it is to love palm trees

#4: Explore Wynwood neighborhood

This was by far my favorite neighborhood we explored. There are murals literally EVERYWHERE. It was so fun just walking around snapping shots of all the beautiful local art.

Wynwood Neighborhood, Miami, Florida
Gimme my money

#5: South Beach Pier

Head to the end of the shoreline and find a pretty pier in South Beach. You’ll see lots of fishies in the clear water and can see the whole expanse of the beach and ocean.

South Beach Pier, Miami, Florida
Wish I would have brought my fishing pole!

#6: Explore the Art Deco District

This neighborhood is right next to the beach. It’s so cool to see the all old style buildings! You’ll feel like you stepped right out of the Great Gatsby novel. You can walk for miles and miles to see all kinds of old architecture from this era.

Art Deco District, Miami, Florida
Call me Daisy

#7: Little Havana

This is another sweet area to explore. There’s a cigar shop on every corner along with all other kinds of Cuban style merch and restaurants.

Little Havana, Miami, Florida
Where’s my droptop caddy at?

Miami was so amazing to visit. I’ve never seen a tropical area like this before, I can’t wait to go back and explore more of the state of Florida!


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