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What to do in Virginia Beach

What's an overlooked part of the Atlantic Ocean, you ask? Virginia Beach, for sure. Although it doesn't have as much glitz, glammer, and palm trees as other seaside towns, it definitely has enough there to keep you entertained for a weekend! Here's what we enjoyed doing and seeing while we were there:

Uss Wisconsin

Being from Milwaukee, we couldn't NOT make a stop here. I've never had an opportunity to tour a gigantic battleship like this before and was really blown away. You can wander freely all around the ship's deck, as well as all through the inside in all the little rooms and crevices and such. It was SO COOL!


Walk the Boardwalk along Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach's boardwalk is massive and seems to go on forever. Don't forget to find 'Neptune'!


Virginia Aquarium & Marine science center

To avoid some rain while we were there, we visited the aquarium in town. It was awesome! You could spend hours here wandering around checking out all the unique species of fish they have here.

Aquariums have my heart forever

Visit a Brewery

There are a few different breweries in Virginia Beach you can hit up. We stumbled upon Back Bay Brewing and had a nice time in their chill beer-sipping area.

kiss, kiss

Find the murals

VB has a surprising amount of street murals all over the place. We found several to snap some photos with.


Aaaaand that's a wrap for Virginia Beach. I wish we had more time to visit there, as there were other activities we saw that looked fun but we ran out of time. 'Til next time, VB!


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