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Where to Eat in Miami that Won’t Break the Bank

Miami is a beautiful and fun ocean side city to visit. But cheap and budget friendly? Yeah, no.
We especially noticed the high prices when it came to dining out. However there were a handful of places that we snagged some grub at that were inexpensive and still delicious and amazing! Here is my list of cheap eats in Miami:

A really awesome spot nestled in downtown Miami. When you walk on to their patio you’re thinking okay WOW ambience…but also what’s this bill going to look like? But it’s actually a very inexpensive place to dine at.

This cute ice cream shop is located in Little Havana. They have a chalk wall of all kinds of different flavors to choose from and it’s so yummy!

This is an awesome spot to grab subs before you hit the beach! They have lots of other food options here, too, but we opted for some sammies and what was brought out to us were two huge sandwiches piled with meat and lots of fresh veggies-it will definitely fill you up without busting your budget.

This place has some of the best burgers I have ever tasted in my friggin life!!! It is an inexpensive spot and man are the burgers to die for. It’s a must if you’re in Miami!

Ok, so this is actually a bar in downtown Miami. BUT I felt like it deserved a spot on my list here because the ambience was incredible, they serve legit cocktails, and for $10 or less. That’s a steal in Miami!

Don’t let Miami’s prices deter you from visiting this awesome city. It’s like no other-you may just have to scope out a littler harder the cheap spots to hit up for a meal, and I’m hoping this helps!


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