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Why Traveling by Car is WAY Better than by Plane

Alright, so hear me out. Traveling by car is soooo much better than traveling by plane.
I might be biased ’cause I REALLY hate traveling by plane, but there are actually several benefits to choosing a road trip rather than hitting up the airport to get you where you need to go. Let me explain…


You’ll save money

I’ll start with the obvious here. Overall, it is cheaper to drive than it is to fly. Especially if you’re traveling with at least one other person because you can split the gas bill. Sure, there may be times when you can find an uber cheap plane ticket, but most of the time those puppies will break the bank. Flying over the holidays? Forget about it. Airlines jack their prices up when they know everyone is trying to get to and fro for events and family gatherings. Just drive!

Reason #2

In some cases you will save time

So let’s say it’s a good rule of thumb to show up at a major airport (O’Hare, LAX) around 2 hours early. And tack on anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour and a half to get to the airport. Then, once you’ve boarded your plane, you’ll wait another 15-45 minutes to lift off. Finally, depending on where you’re going, you could be in the air for several hours. That’s a whole day of getting to your destination- so why not drive? I’d rather spend all day in a car rather than all day in my car, THEN at the airport, then in the air, then getting a lift to my hotel.

Reason #3

You can make fun stops along the way

Next exit- largest ball of yarn, anyone? Whatever you see along the way that fancies you, you can actually stop and get outta your car to see it. Antique shops, photo ops by the ‘Welcome to…’ sign, fast food chains that don’t exist in your state, whatever it may be it’s always nice to have the luxury of being able to hop outta the car to see or experience something cool. You can’t do that on a plane.

Reason #4

Planes are scary

I am sure we’ve all read the statistic about how in general planes are safer than cars. They’re still scary. Ugh, the liftoff and touch down always makes me nervous, I have to squeeze Nate’s hand every time. Sometimes it takes me a while to get used to being in the air as well. I always remain calm and am able to distract myself, but not gonna lie-I feel way better in a car.


You can hit up multiple destinations in one vacation

I always want to try to cram in as much as possible on our trips and hit up different sceneries and destinations. I’m not getting any younger here and I want to see it all dammit! When you’re traveling by car it’s all too easy to head to the next spot in a neighboring state or within the same one.

Reason #6

You will have your vehicle with you at all times on your vacation

Rental cars? Yeah, no. I want the car that I know and love, thank you. When you travel by car, you’ll have the peace of mind of always having your car with you everywhere you go. No waiting for an Uber driver, or making a stop at the rental car place only to wait in line or be informed that they don’t have your reservation down at all, actually.

Reason #7

More resources exist for road trippers

In this day and age there are hella apps (and blogs!) out there to assist with whatever you need help with as far as traveling by car goes. There are apps to help you find cheap gas, available hotel rooms, food at the next exit, etc. I always feel so much more lost at the airport, it feels good knowing I can whip out my phone to find out where we can snag dinner somewhere close by or whatever it may be.

Reason #8

Start and stop whenever YOU want to

There always seems to be so much waiting at an airport, and someone else is dictating your schedule for you- deciding when you get to leave, and even when you get to use the bathroom. There is SO much more freedom when driving. Potty breaks, lunchtime, and when to stop driving for the day are all decided by you/your travel company and no one else.

Reason #9

More privacy

Whether you’re traveling by car alone or with other people, you will get all the privacy you want. I always hate when other people can hear my conversation with Nate on the plane. In the car, we get to talk to each other (and bond) the whole way and we get our car all to ourselves.

Reason #10

Traveling by car is cleaner

I’m not a germaphobe by any means, but airports and planes really are gross! Lots of people get sick from riding in planes and so many people are coming and going in airports all day long. Germies. Ew.

Reason #11


They really pack you in like sardines on planes, with little leg room and reclining room. You can move the car chair back as much as your heart desires and even nap without waking up with a serious crick in your neck if there’s someone else with you who can take over driving.

Reason #12

You can bring so much more luggage and extras of anything

I hate being forced to decide what outfits I’m going to wear throughout my trip, so that’s why it’s awesome having room in the car to pack a few different options of tops, shoes, and jewelry. Plus, if you’re the outdoorsy type, you can pack bikes, kayaks, and pretty much anything else you want in or on the car for your trip.

Reason #13

You can bring your pets

The fur babies can come along with you in the car much easier than on a plane. With a car, they’ll be with you the whole time and you can let them out whenever they need a break.

Reason #14

Experience different topography

You get to see all the different topography and climates when driving state to state. The temp, weather, vegetation, and altitude can change in a matter of hours and you can see so much all in one trip!

Reason #15

You know you’ll get to your destination

All you need to do is drive and when you’ll get there depends on how fast you drive. Airlines overbook flights and planes will take off without you, best believe it.

We LOVE taking our vehicle when traveling. We find it so much easier, cheaper, and a much better experience overall as opposed to flying. Of course, there are instances where flying make more sense but we drive unless it’s absolutely not possible!


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