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What We Did in Key Largo

Key Largo is a less popular but just as beautiful island in the Florida Keys. We spent time in the more lively Key West as well but wanted to give Key Largo a couple days' time too to see what's what here. Here's what we got into:


Robbie's was a cool little spot offering a multitude of things to check out here. They've got tons of souvenirs, but more than that they have Ring Toss games set up, photo ops, and even Tarpon fish feeding on a large deck-which is what they're most known for. Here's where things get hairy...I got attacked by a seagull out here. Now, read that sentence again. My big mistake? Holding fish too long in my hand before tossing it out to the Tarpon! And what's considered 'too long' is, like, a second. At my first attempt to throw some small feeding fish to the Tarpon, a seagull ate it right out of my hand before I could release it. Andddd at my second attempt they snatched it out of my hand again, but this time they left a mark. My first thoughts were OUCH and EWW! The seagulls were all over the place trying to get fish from people. And they're bigger than they look on TV! Apart from the fear of these birds, Tarpon feeding is dangerous as well. One lady got bit/scratched up pretty badly on her arm by a Tarpon when feeding them. While I recommend heading to Robbie's while you're in Key Largo, I DO NOT recommend feeding the Tarpon.

Beware of the seagulls!

Charter fishing

This was an awesome experience and I'm glad we got to try it out! Our captain stayed in the bay area so we didn't catch anything crazy big but definitely pulled out enough for a few suppers. Just beware that catching large trophy fish-or anything at all-is never guaranteed.

Our little fishies

Rain barrel Village

Another cool spot in Key Largo, this was mostly a souvenir shop, but they have a pretty little outdoor garden area outside to walk around in as well as a huge photo op lobster in the front haha!

Big ole' lobstah

Key Largo was awesome and you can definitely spend a weekend here and do all the things. Just watch out for those seagulls!


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