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6 Awesome Restaurants in Atlanta

We finally got to visit Atlanta last year and it was awesome!
There are tons of activities to do here along with a lot of cool restaurants. I wish we got to try them all, but here are some awesome spots we ate at that I definitely recommend trying:

#1: Lee’s Bakery

We snagged some chicken wings along with a huge bowl of Pho here. Our meal was affordable, filling, and delish.

#2: The Varsity

Another affordable spot serving yummy bites of hamburgers and hot dogs. There are several locations in Atlanta so there’s bound to be one nearby wherever you are in the city.

#3: Vortex

Another awesome spot serving wild and crazy burger dishes! Their burgers come in huge stacks and are super tasty.

#4: The Yard

There are very few locations of this dessert restaurant in the U.S. They have one right in Atlanta so we stopped in to try the ‘Cookie Monster’. What we got was a decadent milkshake, with ice cream, chocolate syrup, & chocolate chip cookies. They’ve got all kinds of different styles of milkshakes here-it’s a must try spot!

#5: Two Urban Licks

We went here for a nice dinner one night and it was such a great choice because this place is amazing! The food and cocktails were superb and the ambience was outta this world-romantic, chic, and modern, and cozy!

#6: Chick-Fil-A Dwarf House

This isn’t just your average Chick-Fil-A. They have special additions to their menu that you can ONLY find at this location, plus they really do have a dwarf door on the front of their building that you can walk in. It’s awesome!

There you have it!

my restaurant recs for Atlanta for all you foodies out there. Enjoy the grub!

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