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8 Stops to Add to Your West Virginia Road Trip

Wild, wonderful, West Virginia has so many cool places to see!
On our five day road trip through the mountainous state we managed to fit in 8 different sites and attractions. There’s not one spot that I would discourage visiting-they were all worth seeing!

We only had a day to visit here so we stuck to hiking but if it’s anything like the Buffalo National River, it’ll be a sweet spot for canoeing and kayaking too.

New River Gorge National River, West Virginia
I ain’t stepping any closer to the edge than this right here

The Greenbrier Hotel is a very classy and fancy resort, overnight stays being only for the creme de la creme. But any average Joe or Josephine can explore all the different floors. What I mean by different is that they are all decorated differently from the tile, to the drapes, the walls, and chandeliers. Yup, they have beautiful chandeliers all throughout to the hotel, too. It’s Instagram heaven, y’all. Nate and I did their bunker tour there as well. We got to go ‘underground’ where they built a hide out for government officials if the US was to ever get bombed.

The Greenbrier, West Virginia
Call me Josephine

Y’all really thought we would drive all the way to West Virginia and not bring our bikes? Well, we sure did and we took them on this river trail. It was so beautiful and lush and we got a beautiful view of the river the whole ride.

Greenbrier River Trail, West Virginia
Peddling my way to my next adventure

We tent-camped here a couple nights while seeing the sites in the area but we managed to get some hiking in at the park. VERY strenuous hiking but worth the view. Oh and I saw a snake by the bathhouse…and ran away like a little girl. It was huge, ok (my hands get wider and wider apart every time I mention it).

Watoga State Park, West Virginia
Beautiful views alongside my beautiful person

This place was awesome! It reminded me a lot of the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, except it’s not in use anymore and most of the property isn’t kept up. We went on a guided paranormal tour but they also have a museum section where you can look at all sorts of history of the asylum.

Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia
Creeped me the hell out

We camped at this state park as well to do some more hiking, and see some more amazing views.

Canaan Valley State Park, West Virginia
Taking it all in

The last but not the least West Virginia state park we explored was Blackwater Falls. There are some awesome hikes here but my favorite was the waterfall, of course.

Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia
Warerfallin’ for West Virginia

Another amazing tour we went on is the old prison. It’s no longer in use so they give history and paranormal tours here. We opted for the history tour and it was so cool! We learned so much about the daily lives of inmates and about some of the scandals that went down.

West Virginia Penitentiary, West Virginia
I’m here for the fried catfish

When you think of totally rad places to visit in the US, West Virginia isn’t usually the first place to pop up in everyone’s minds but it truly is a beautiful, fun, and adventuresome state to add to your travel list!


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