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A Colorado Road Trip

We took a very long drive out to Colorado from Milwaukee one August-16 hours to be exact.I had been wanting to go here for a while and I am so glad we finally made the trip out here!
It was amazing, beautiful, and so majestic. Keep reading to see what we did on our Colorado roadtrip…

  • Our first stop was at Rocky Mountain National Park and we stayed here for a day and two nights in their campground. We took a whole day of hiking a couple of trails. Lemme tell ya, the high altitude ain’t no joke! I struggled quite a bit on these trails and I’ve been a runner for YEARS. Also, be weary of the f-f-f-f-reezing nights here. We camped with a tent and I had a hard time sleeping the first night. We went into town the next day to snag me extra warm clothes to sleep in. And while it’s cold at night, during the day in summer here it does get warm. On the trails you see people wearing all kinds of different clothing for every season of the year. One chick thought she was too cute in her beanie and vest with pants and a long sleeve shirt. Umm…it was 80 degrees lol!

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Nate and I at the Sky Pond trail. We were SO high up in the mountains!

  • After we were done with RMNP, we couldn’t miss making a stop at Denver for a day and night. We got in right around lunch time so we grabbed a meal at Viewhouse Ballpark and it was delicious with a great choice of brews! We went to the Sculpture Park to see these huge sculptures made into two people-it looked like something out of AI Artificial Intelligence ha! After that we stopped at the 16th Street Mall. There are lots of shops in this outdoor mall, but not ONE public bathroom in any of them except at Starbucks yikes!

Denver, Colorado
We mimicked them…

  • Our last stop on our road trip was Great Sand Dunes National Park. I may have struggled with the altitude at RMNP, but Nate struggled more with it here. It was definitely rough, too. And, what with them being sand dunes and all, it’s like one foot forward, three friggin steps back. We decided to go up the tallest dune called the Star Dune. It took foreverrrr to get to the top but once we did got to see the most excellent view of all the dunes and mountains. Plus, we got to run all the way down the dunes from top! This was honestly the highlight of the whole trip for me!!! It was so damn fun, I felt like a kid again.

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado
At the top of the Star dune catching my breath


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