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Indianapolis for a Day

We stopped by in Indianapolis for a day on our way down to Kentucky (see post for KY here). I had never been before and it was in the direction we were going anyway. We ended up having a great time!
Keep reading to see what we did for a day here.

For our first activity of the day, we headed over to the Canal. This is located downtown and it’s a pretty little stretch of water where the locals get some fresh air. It’s really nice!

Indianapolis, Indiana, Canal Walk
Canal walk in Indy

For lunch-after our walk at the canal, we stopped in at Yard House for lunch. This is also located downtown. The menu was fun and the food was delicious!

After lunch we stopped over at this beautiful park and gazed out at the river. Most of our activities were located downtown, this park sort of encompasses all of downtown Indy I believe, which was nice because we didn’t have to drive all over town to hit up popular spots!

And finally we had an awesome dinner to end the night. This is a super hip spot serving some amazing sushi. You won’t regret stopping in for a meal!


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