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The Best Outdoor Adventures in Arkansas

While Arkansas lacks in having a major metropolitan city, it makes up for it in amazing outdoor adventures.
There are endless outdoor activities to take part in in this state, but I’ve compiled a list of the absolute best!

Crater of Diamonds State Park


You can actually come here and dig for real life diamonds!! It’s a state park in the middle of no where southern Arkansas but it’s worth the trip out to dig for a few hours. While it’s likely you may not find anything worthwhile, the experience in itself you can’t beat!

Crater of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas
My get rich quick scheme

Float the Buffalo River


This is an amazing experience that you must add to your list. You can rent a canoe at any one of the local stores in the area and paddle your little heart out all day. The views of the cliffs above are breathtaking.

Buffalo River, Arkansas
Paddle time

Mt. Nebo State Park


Another hidden gem in the northwest part of the state. They’ve got several pretty views and awesome hiking trails here.

Mt. Nebo State Park, Arkansas

Mt. Magazine State Park


Close to Mt. Nebo, Mt Magazine offers even more fantastic views. You can also reach the highest point in AR on a trail here.

Mount Magazine Signal Hill, Arkansas
Head in the clouds always

Big Dam Bridge


Right over the Arkansas River there is a huge bridge Little Rock citizens go to for recreation and exercising. It’s so fun and offers the best river views.

Big Dam Bridge, Arkansas
River gazing

The Old Mill


This is a spot right out of a fairy tale. There’s a mill of course, gardens, wooden bridges, water fountains and it’s all right in the city of Little Rock. It was even a film location for Gone with the Wind!

The Old Mill, Arkansas
Call me Scarlett

Pinnacle Mountain State Park


Lots of hiking is to be had at this state park. It can be a little scary climbing the top of the mountain but the view at the top is totally amazing!

Pinnacle Mountain State Park, Arkansas
The tippity top

Emerald Park


Another awesome spot right in the city of Little Rock, this is a city parking that offers easy hiking trails with awesome views of the Arkansas River.

Emerald Park, Arkansas
Down by the river

Petit Jean State Park


There a some rigorous hiking trails here but ones that lead to beautiful waterfalls, caves, and scenic views.

Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas

Hot Springs National Park


This is an awesome National Park filled with history, hiking, and even bathhouses on ‘Bathhouse Row’! It’s amazing and you can’t miss it if you’re planning a trip to AR.

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

If you didn’t notice, I added a lot of spots on here located in central Arkansas as well as northwest Arkansas so be sure to check out my other posts if you’re planning a trip to this beautiful state. Mega book nerd like me? Then you’ll also want to check out this post. You’re welcome.

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