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What to do for a Day in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is such a great city in the midwest!
It’s about 5 hours from Milwaukee, so Nate and I headed up here for a weekend, having all day Saturday to explore. Two things we noticed about Minneapolis: 1. It’s colder than Milwaukee, and 2. it’s more expensive as well. Other than that it seemed pretty similar to where we live. Here’s what we did we did in the day we had there and we had a blast!

This is a big and pretty park right in the city. We went to Minneapolis in the winter so there were actual frozen waterfalls here! I had never seen one before, and they were huge.

Minnehaha Park, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Frozen waterfall at Minnehaha Park

Ok, so this is an obvious choice but this place is an awesome and you don’t want to miss it!! We spent most of the day here, although you could easily explore the whole mall in a weekend. Here’s a list of the shops we stopped at and what we did here:

  • We got our caricature drawn! I’ve been wanting to cross this off the list for a while.

Mall of American, Minneapolis, Minnesota
I think it looks just like us!
  • Crayola Experience This ain’t just for kids, folks. Nate and I had a lot of fun here. They have this huge wall of crayons they ever made and the year they came out, so Nate and I searched for some that came out our birth years. They also can make a molding of hands clasped together in the crayon wax, too cool!

  • Xscape Arcade We popped in here for some good ole arcade games, and I whooped his ass at air hockey. Air hockey C H A M P.

  • Amazing Mirror Maze Another fun little place to slip into to feel like a kid again!

Mall of American, Minneapolis, Minnesotra
Mirror, mirror on the wall
  • Rock of Ages Blacklight Mini Golf Give me glow in the dark ANYTHING and I’m a happy girl. And then, mix it with classic rock? Well I’m an even happier girl. This was so much fun!

  • Eat Lunch at Margaritaville There are a lot of great restaurants to choose from here but Nate and I had never eaten at one of these chains before so we popped in for a delicious lunch.

Grab Cocktails at W Minneapolis The Foshay- The Living Room

This is an elegant cocktail bar at a hotel downtown. It was the perfect place to end our day at. There’s even a cozy fire to sit around in the middle of the bar.

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